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Adult Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts training can improve many aspects of physical health, such as cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility; however, the physical training is also a means to train the whole of a person.

In a respectful, controlled environment, we simulate physical threats, which elicit an emotional response. Some people react angrily when feeling threatened, while others become fearful. Through training, martial artists become masters of their actions, transcending their fears, anger, and other reactionary emotions. They are at peace, even in conflict.

What could you do with greater confidence? With less fear or doubt? Who could you be, for yourself and for others, with more patience? These are the questions we ask ourselves, and they bring us back to the dojo time and again.

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It's never too late to earn your black belt

The study of martial arts is not restricted to an age or level of athleticism; every individual may benefit, because every individual’s practice is their own. Physical techniques can be adapted. Philosophy meets a person where they are, is understood through their life experience. In both cases, there is challenge for everyone, from novice to expert.

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“My kids' behavior has improved. They listen to instructions better, have become better listeners, and take charge of their responsibilities.”

Beau Machart - Mother

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always have people first do either a private or semi-private lesson. From there we figure out what classes work best for your schedule and then have you try one of our regular classes. We always want people doing these steps first before they sign up for a membership to make sure they both enjoy the program and are excited about what we offer.

No, you're not; martial arts is meant to be a lifelong practice. Further, our curriculum was designed to meet the needs of the individual student. Regardless of age or athletic ability, techniques and drills are adaptable; they can be scaled to retain both their efficacy and challenge. We've had many students start their journey to black belt in their 50's, 60's, and even in their 70's.

Our mission is to promote the well-being of our students, so safety is our first concern. We use a number of teaching techniques and implements that allow students to learn how to execute techniques dynamically without needing to practice on one another. Additionally, our curriculum is scaffolded so that students are never placed in a situation they are not ready for. 

Light, controlled sparring is available to experienced students. More intensive sparring is completely optional, and—even for those with approval to participate—protective equipment is required.


Typically, about half of our adult students have never trained before. That's part of why we offer prospective students a free private or small group introductory lesson: We want people to try it out, make sure it's something they'll enjoy, and see if they have any other questions about our program.

One of the main reasons we have prospective students start with either a private or small group lesson is to evaluate where they are in their martial arts journey. From there, we can determine which class is best for them. We also want to make they get to try out our program, and make sure it's something they enjoy. 

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We always invite prospective students to try a private or small group lesson before trying a regular class. At the end of that lesson, we'll discuss the regular class schedule, and find the time that works best to try a regular class or two. We're not in a rush; we want prospective students and families to be sure our program is the best fit for them.

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