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Family Martial Arts Classes

At our school, we emphasize that the people we practice with are our partners, not opponents. It’s an important distinction; we want our students, especially our younger students, to practice with empathy, respect, and consideration of others. These values are important to the development of the individual, particularly in relation to others.

Families who train together develop and share these values. We pride ourselves on the partnership between parents and our instructors, but there is a unique value to children being able to train with their parents. Through family classes, parents and children are able to enjoy the benefits of martial arts training, both as individuals and as a family.

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A Way to Connect

By sharing martial arts with their children, parents have a common experience through which to talk to their kids. Our family classes reinforce the values parents are teaching their children at home, like being respectful, having self-discipline, and acting with courage. And among the families of our community, children will find peers and other adults who share and model those same values.

Benefits of our Program

“My kids' behavior has improved. They listen to instructions better, have become better listeners, and take charge of their responsibilities.”

Beau Machart - Mother

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Frequently Asked Questions

We first do a private or semi-private lesson for your family. This will give us a chance to get to know your family, go over the schedule, and figure out the best classes for all of you. The point of our family classes are to keep the family together and have everyone working towards earning their own black belts. After this first private or semi-private lesson, we then have the family try out one of our regular classes. These first two classes are free, because we want to make sure this is a good fit for everyone.

Yes! We have a bit of a family discount for a second student; however, if you pay the full price of two students, the rest of the family can train for free. This makes our program very affordable for families who with us.

Yes, you can! But there are also additional adult classes some of our family members take. For instance, we might have parents doing the class with their kids once a week. Then, the other day of the week the kids do a separate class, and the parents come to the adults only class. For some of our other families, the entire family always trains in the same class. We also offer Women's Self-Defense Seminars once a month, which moms can always jump into.

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We always invite prospective families to try a private or small group lesson before trying a regular class. At the end of that lesson, we'll discuss the regular class schedule, and find the time that works best to try a regular class or two. We're not in a rush; we want families to be sure our program is the best fit for them.

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