Women's Self Defense

Practical. Effective. Confident.

Two options for Women's Self-Defense:

Self-Defense Seminars

Knowing that, under duress, simpler techniques are easier to recall and execute, we teach efficient, proven self-defense methods. Offered monthly, these seminars focus on the physical and mental tools required of self-defense. 

You do not need to be a member of Family Black Belt Academy to attend these seminars.

Earning a Black Belt

Even the best self-defense seminars cannot replace consistent training. While still valuable, due to their condensed length seminars can only cover a set amount of material and only provide time for a set number of repetitions. To be fully prepared for all situations and to perform under real-world stress requires more training and practice. By enrolling in our regular program, students receive that training and practice, as well as the other benefits of martial arts training.

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Be prepared, physically and mentally

Self-defense requires sound knowledge of physical techniques, but it also requires the confidence and conviction to use them. We train efficient, practical self-defense techniques, and—in a safe, supportive environment—challenge students to push beyond their comfort zones.

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“My kids' behavior has improved. They listen to instructions better, have become better listeners, and take charge of their responsibilities.”

Beau Machart - Mother

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Frequently Asked Questions

Calling, email, or stop by if you have any questions. If you're considering our regular classes, come in for a free private lesson to learn more. If you're interested in one of our self-defense seminars, just contact us to reserve your spot at the event.

Our mission is to promote the well-being of our students, so safety is our first concern. We use a number of teaching techniques and implements that allow students to learn how to execute techniques dynamically without needing to practice on one another. Additionally, our curriculum is scaffolded so that students are never placed in a situation they are not ready for. 

Light, controlled sparring is available to experienced students. More intensive sparring is completely optional, and—even for those with approval to participate—protective equipment is required.

We teach practical, efficient strikes, defenses, and releases (i.e., how to get escape when being grabbed, held, or pinned), as well as the mindset required of self-defense, both to avoid and overcome conflict. We also take time to answer student questions regarding scenarios they’re concerned about.

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We always invite prospective students to try a private or small group lesson before trying a regular class. At the end of that lesson, we'll discuss the regular class schedule, and find the time that works best to try a regular class or two. We're not in a rush; we want prospective students and families to be sure our program is the best fit for them.

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